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in the fascinating world of digital train controls! Whatever you have heard and seen about this issue... we guarantee a completely new perspective with our ATLplus system. Have a look at how simple and low costed a digital layout may be operated and automated. Our customers are already overwhelmed and highly fascinated. In the meantime even our competitors have noticed the fantastic advantages of the ATL-principle with the diode equipped brake areas, one of them even calling it his own invention. But it will be difficult to make up for our more than 33 years experience. From Umelec you get the original and still better: it works!

ATLplus is a very interesting solution for remote and signal controlled engines on your tracks, which is a premise for a really interesting layout. Our engine modules offer a lot of additional, very usefull features in comparison with standard DCC decoders. You may select at any time and position, even in front of closed signals, if your train is controlled by the signal or yourself. And with our digital signal block you may get security and automatism for all the trains you don't control directly. And this is all possible without any PC, just using the two modules shown below and a standard DCC centre. 

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ATLplus Engine Module   !! The new ATL2066 !!

These modules provide simply everything you may wish for  your engine. Up to 9'999 addresses, remote and signal controlled operation without shortcircuits, 14/28/128 speed steps, shunting in spite of closed signals, shunting gear, extended consist, automatic braking in two steps without any centre interaction, alternative braking with DC voltage, automatic shuttle operation without additional circuitry in the layout,  programmable departure delay in signal controlled mode and after change of heading in shuttle mode (simulation of driver reaction), high frequency motor output for silent drive and Faulhaber motors including speed control, automatic adaption to different motor types, comfortable programming (bits, bytes, paged, register), PoM (programming on the main), Reset to delivery conditions with a single command,  up to six function outputs (A - F), full function mapping to controller buttons F0 to F8, blinking/flashing/dimming/gyrolight possible on four outputs A - D, adjustable time limits for outputs C and D (protection of electric decoupling coils), automatic turn up of headlights at departure, alternative steam or diesel sound and whistle on outputs E and F, irregular steam exhaust (overpressure valve) at standstill, integrated loudspeaker driver, overheat control, up to 3 sec voltage drop without reset, etc. Up to 1.5A motor current, extension to 3A possible. 

New on ATL2066: better sound integrated on all modules, steam exhaust heard during whistle blowing, better whistle sound with increasing and decreasing volume, exhaust of cylinders at departure. Cruising may switch on output C and/or D automatically (for smoke generator, separate highbeam, a.s.o.). Exponential brake curve, polarity independent two step braking with magnet in front of signal to stop train. Current protection on outputs A to D. Bit programming with PoM. And another couple of program improvments, e.g. refinement of speed control. Even smaller than the predecessors: ca. 24 x 10 x 4 mm

replaces brake generators, sound modules, switching electronics, flashing / gyrolight circuits and so on


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ATLplus Digiblock Module  !! Simple, but genial !!

These modules are designed in a way to do all the tasks related to the track, even understandable for beginners. They keep trains on distance in both directions, drive the signal lamps smoothly, with telecontrolled day and night intensity, axle or car counter, occupation indicators, time programmable station hold, call function for station entrance, automatic direction change for switching trains, remote control (NMRA / DCC system), etc. 

A simpler method for the automation of digital layouts does not exist. And you may take over each train on your controller, at any time, at any position, even in front of red signals. Crossing of track isolations without any short circuits of supply voltages. Shunting is no problem, terminal stations with mixed automatic and manual control a big fun!! No feedback to the centre needed. 


Block Module 

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Operation and programming may be performed with any NMRA compatible DCC unit. To many questions you may find answers on the different pages of this homepage.

UMELEC Engineering has finished production and sales after 35 years now. Thank you for your interest in the past.

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