ATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 
Block module

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The fascinating list of block functions

The ATLplus digital block allows a universal and all the same quite simple block control on your layout. In principle it's a Domino along the track, interconnected by a few wires. As with the engine module, it was our goal to integrate all the necessary functions related to signals and security requirements. So the function list became quite impressive. 

Fully compatible to NMRA centres, remote control via four switch addresses

Programmable like an engine with Direct, Page, Register and Bit mode

Remote control of occupation left or right resp. cancellation, with count function, for manual insert or corrections

Fully automatic track control with high security, PC independent

Integrated driver for the brake area (signal contact)

Works in both directions, state-event behaviour (avoids not allowed actions and reactions)

Minimal wiring, 1 to 2 crossover contacts for each switch 

Block status: free (direction neutral), reserved, occupied (with direction information)

Axle or engine/waggon counter with Reeds resp.  microswitches or current sensor

Automatic entering and leaving secured area (from shunting yard, e.g.)

Drivers for signals in both directions (bulbs or LEDs)

Realistic slow change from one colour to the other

Idle red or green programmable to follow the reality

Dimming function for day and night on the whole layout, remote controlled via selectable address, + for day, - for night, 

day and night brightness programmable

Programmable hold time for station blocks, from 7 sec. to 27 min. since entering. 

Remote controlled switch on and off of hold timer

Advanced switch to green light to shorten time at will

Directed call function for entrance blocks of stations, with desk switch or via controller

Shuttle automatism with hold time, changing direction after half of the hold time, perfect combination with engine shuttle function

Memorization of actual status at power off

Additional remote controlled function (on-off, for switches, crossing barriers)

Sum alarm via bus wire, bit by bit feedback for status analysis (with PC and Interface)

Overriding separate supply input for cheap current supply (to unload digital supply)

Details may be found in our system manual.