ATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 
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Compatibility to other digital systems

ATLplus modules are designed for NMRA compatible digital control centers. Modern centers allow direct programming of CVs (configuration variables) using even the very fast bit analysis, which is fully supported from our ATLplus modules. Without direct CV programming at least you should be able to program and read registers 1 to 8 without any restrictions. The upper CVs may then be controlled using register 6 as a pointer and registers 1 to 4 as data (paged programming). 

Our new modules ATL2066 conform to practically all NMRA prescriptions and recommendations. Although ATLplus modules comply with DC operation, we don't recommend to use this feature. But it is possible to put an ATLplus-machine on a AC- or DC-track or even switch between AC, DC and Digital under the running engine without problems. The engine recognizes the supply mode automatically.

You may operate ATLplus modules also together with modules from other suppliers. Just a little helpful hint: If you like to introduce the signal control with diodes on your layout, you can place the modules you already have into shunting engines. These will remain in the shunt yard generally and therefore always be remote controlled.

Installation of modules

For the installation of the modules you will get the necessary instructions from our system handbook normally. Specially with the standardized interface of Roco (2 x 4 pins plug) it's so simple, that you are able to install it, if you are just capable to open the engine. Just make an order for a module with the plug already installed (CHF 10.- in addition).

Other engines may create some work, especially those with not isolated motors and lamps (lamp sockets or motor wiring to engine chassis) or with special circuitry. For these situations you will find a lot of instructions in the system handbook.

Another way is to find a dealer with good knowledge of such work. Whenever there is a person who would like to offer such services, please let us know. Then we can distribute name and address to other customers.

For the new ATL2066 we have created a new installation short form. It will help you to install and program these units:


Questions and answers

When to take a light barrier module?
Sorry, they are not available any more. 

I would like to use a conventional DC engine without module, as proposed by NMRA.
To drive such engines the central unit has to provide some DC-voltage by making one side of the digital pulses longer (controlled by address 0). The ATLplus-modules ATL2051 and ATL2054 will continue to decode their telegrams, but will not work correct in signal mode as long as there are expanded 0s. Additionally sound generation is influenced and cannot be used any more. The new ATL2064 and ATL2066 are not affected any more. Anyhow, because this operation mode is possible with only one machine and not very recommended for a standard motor, we don't consider this NMRA prescription to be very important. So let the speed on address 0 on 0 and give your engine a nice module!

I already have some brake generators from DIGITALplus. How will ATLplus modules react?
Of course ATLplus modules understand also telegrams of brake generators and will slow down like other modules. If you don't want the diode control (are you really sure?), you can just switch our modules to pure DCC mode and control therefore the front lights with the button 0. Moreover this mode is strongly recommended when you still want to use a DC controlled engine in parallel.

Digitrax offers 128 speed steps instead of 14 or 28. Why doesn't ATLplus?
All the newer ATLplus modules (ATL2064 and ATL2066) offer the 128 speed step mode. 

This part is to be continued. Please send us your questions.