LokbildATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 

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How can you get your ATLplus modules?


ATLplus modules and accessories are delivered directly from Umelec. From our experience this is the only way to provide the necessary support  for hightech units of this kind. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information and for orders, of course. Please see our pricelist and delivery conditions below.  

Please send your enquiries and orders, preferably by email, to

UMELEC Engineering
Urs Meyer, M.Sc.E.E
Rietwiesenstrasse 4
CH-5417 Untersiggenthal
Tel: 0041 56 288 15 76
Email: umelec@netwings.ch

If you want to order by email, just copy the required line of the pricelist to your email and fill in the required quantity. Thank you. 


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Delivery conditions

bulletDirect deliveries from Untersiggenthal, Switzerland by post
bulletNet prices in Euro according to price list below. No discount on higher quantities
bulletOrders below EUR 300.- are charged with a lump sum of EUR 7.- for postage and packing (or according to effective costs)
bulletThe total amount is reduced by the Swiss VAT (8%). You will have to pay local VAT to customs or postman (or not, if you are lucky...)
bulletFirst delivery on payment in advance (please ask for an offer), further deliveries with invoice in general
bulletPayment to our Swiss Euro account, using IBAN and SWIFT codes, that are found on the invoice. Use "Urs Meyer"as account owner. 
bulletIf you live in an EU country, use SEPA procedure, which is normally free of charge.
bulletPayment via Paypal cannot be accepted anymore, because Paypal tries to get additional conversion fees that were never agreed
bulletYou get a 1-year warranty on our material, if used correctly. All applications will be at customers risk.
bulletTo get a system manual just send us a 10-Euro or 10-US$ bank note by letter (join your postal address!)

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Price list

qty Art.No. Description EUR
  2066 Engine module ATL2066, EMP, 1.5 A, with sound, no loudspeaker * 46.00
  2066p Engine module ATL2066, EMP, 3 A, with sound, no loudspeaker * 76.00
  2055 Power switch 3A to drive grounded loads (smoke generators, illum.) 19.00
  * loadspeakersets see below  
  2500 Signal block module, 56 x 45 x 24 mm 69.00
  3001 Set with 10 diodes 1A to build signal blocks  1.55
  3015 Small standard plug, 2x4, without wires 3.10
  3016 Small standard plug, 2x4, wired to module (only with module) 7.70
  3017 21-pole interface (MTC21) mounted to module (only with module) 12.30
  3018 Capacitor 10nF for motors, 10 pcs 3.85
  3027 Small socket, 2 x 4 pole, fitting to 3015/3016 3.10
  3028 Small Reed contact 1.8 x 12.5 mm 3.10
  3030 Magnet rod 3 x 15 mm 2.30
  3033 Load resistor 220-Ohm/1W (load for brake area, feedback) 0.80
  3035 Thermoconductive foil 25 x 12 x 1 mm 1.65
  3036 Programming plug with feedback resistor for Digiblock 4.65
  3037 Cooler, 40x35x12,5, mounted 11.55
  3040 Loudspeakerset to ATL2066, LS 20 mm , capacitor, cap, wires 7.15
  3041 Loudspeakerset to ATL2066, LS 20 mm , assembled 11.55
  3042 Loudspeakerset to ATL2066, LS 30 mm , capacitor, cap, wires 7.15
  3043 Loudspeakerset to ATL2066, LS 30 mm , assembled 11.55
  3044 Loudspeakerset to ATL2066, LS 15 mm , capacitor, cap, wires 6.10
  3045 Loudspeakerset to ATL2066, LS 15 mm , assembled 11.55
  3055 System manual 2005 for ATL2066 and Digiblock  7.00
Version March 2013, replaces all former lists, changes possible without notice

To get DCC compatible central units, boosters and controllers please contact your local dealer.