ATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 
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Telecommanded and signal controlled trains

Umelec offers a unique operation concept: ATLplus trains may be controlled generally in two modes: by telecontrol or by traffic lights (e.g. automatic block systems). Both modes together with soft acceleration and braking are integrated in the same engine module. And now the absolute highlight: The operation mode of each engine may be switched on the control handset with a predefined button! This is one of the key features of ATLplus. Being occupied with switches and signal operations put all your trains in signal mode. All the same your trains remain adressable for emergency stops, direction change and functions, of course also to be switched back to telecontrolled course. Just believe it: only this way you will get a real railroad feeling on your layout. Modules of most other manufacturers don't know this feature. Only Zimo offers a comparable function but at extremely higher prices and complexity. Lenz started to copy now the ATLplus principle, but it seems not to be so easy as they expected... Finally there are more than 22 years of experience in ATLplus!

This engine related selection of operation mode, even telecommanded, cannot be surpassed in comfort. So let all your trains circulate normally in signal mode. When you find the time to control one of them, just address your favorite train of the day, press a button and drive it manually. Of course it's now up to you to slow down it in front of a closed signal, because telecommanded trains do not observe the signals themselves. If you lose track of your train (e.g. in tunnels) or simply your overview (may happen!), just switch the train back to signal control. Save of nerves granted! Probably you prefer to control switchers in the freight yard, meanwhile your other trains run around automatically controlled by signals. By this way you are able to realize the most fantastic layout concepts with low effort.

A special advantage of the ATL brake concept is the fact that you may pass all track isolations of any brake area without any short circuit. This is not possible with brake generators or DC solutions. There you must switch the supply voltage under the running train for clean operation. Furthermore such methods do not allow the train control in brake areas when the signal is red. Contrary to the ATLplus system, where you have anytime and everywhere full access to your engines. After all you are the driver!!