ATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 
Remote control

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Individual speed curves

ATLplus lets you program the maximum speeds, acceleration and brake rates very flexible. Top speed, acceleration and braking rates may be programmed individually and different for signal and telecontrolled operation, so that your freight train will not bypass your daylight express any more...

With ATLplus different kinds of operation are at your disposal. The trains may be controlled by signals with automatic acceleration, desceleration and adjusted top speed or reduced speed. Or you may telecommand your train in six different ways:
++control, 127 steps: just accelerate, hold your speed or brake.
14 steps with internally fixed speed curve
28 steps with internally fixed speed curve
14 steps with programmable speed curve
28 steps with programmable speed curve
128 steps, linear speed increase (0, 1, 2, 3,... 126)

The internal resolution of speed steps is from 0 to 127. To each speed step in 14 and 28 mode such a value is attributed. 28 and 128 step mode allow a very subtle shunting. You may use the internal speed curve or one that you can program yourself. With the integrated speed control you may forget searching and reprogramming of instable start voltages. The top speed is selected separately in CV5 and CV6. The individual speed steps are derived from the top speed. 

Trains switched to telecontrol do not observe the signals by themselves. It' s up to you to look for them. So think in time to slow down in front of a closed signal, because otherwise you would pass the signal before stopping. So brake therefore a little bit, e.g. using the ++control before arriving at the switches at the entrance of the station, then let it roll with moderate speed, then slow down again to a low speed, which leads the engine forward to the signal. There you stop the engine... A very realistic driver feeling!