ATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 

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Steam, Diesel and whistle sounds included!

As an astonishing addon ATLplus offers an integrated sound generator for steam and diesel engines, even combined with a train whistle or horn, without big investments. The sound is artificially built by the same microprocessor that drives all the other functions. This solution does not allow real sound recordings but gives good results all the same. And it is small and cheaper than sound decoders with real sounds. 

Steam exhaust is synchronized by a programmable divider to speed steps. Whenever the steam engine brakes or stops, the exhaust sound is reduced to lower volume resp. to a soft fizzing!! Try to do this with a separate sound unit!. Exhausts are adjustable in two volumes so that one exhaust may be loud and the next two or three have a lower volume. This simulates 4 resp. 6 cylinder engines and sounds really good, especially at higher speeds. A third exhaust volume is programmed for brake conditions. The opening time of cylinder valves may also be adjusted. Higher values give an engine with breathing exhausts meanwhile a low value leads to short beats of small shunters. 

Moreover the module produces continuous exhausts for 5 to 10 sec. at longer standstill, but with irregular intermissions. This simulates the overpressure valve. The minimum interval may be programmed, with a 0 the function is switched off. 

You can also switch the soundgenerator to a remarkable, speed dependent Diesel sound corresponding to a hybrid machine (diesel motor - generator - electric traction motor). So the motorsound of a departing engine goes from idle in three steps up to full power, depending on the actual speed. The sound falls to idle as soon as the engine brakes or stops. Idle sound may be adjusted to lower volume as it is in reality. It is said to be simply super...

With a selectable button you may also operate the programmable train whistle. This may be a simple tone, two tones in sequence or a three tone horn (US-like). This function is also quite useful to locating lost trains ...

The whistle can also be triggered by a reed contact under the locomotive. As soon as it passes a magnet in the track, the loco whistles by itself. Just put magnets before street crossings in the track. The whistle has its own timing so that the activation time of the reed has no influence. Furthermore, the whistle may be operated from your command station. 

Sounds are reproduced by a little 8-Ohm loudspeaker. We offer loudspeakers with 15, 20 and 30 mm diameter. With the loudspeaker you need a capacitor in series, a plastic cap for volume increase and two wires. You may order this sets unmounted or mounted. 

The driver for the loadspeaker is already integrated on the module. With the ATL2064 you cannot hear the steam or diesel sound during whistling. New: With the ATL2066 you may also hear steam beats during whistling, but with a reduced volume.

In a short time you will find here some sound example files. Please have a little patience.