ATLplus, the exceptional DCC system from UMELEC 

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The very flexible additional functions

Our new engine module ATL2066 offers up to four function outputs (C to F) besides the standard outputs A and B for the front lights. The outputs C and D are equipped with 1A switching transistors, whereas the load current goes into calculation of the module rectifier (motor and loads max. 1.5A, optional 3A). Loads must be separated completely from loco chassis and driven from the blue wire (rectified +). A diode must be installed in parallel to inductive loads. 

Auf den Ausgängen A und B sowie C und D kann eine Blink- bzw. Blitzfunktion individuell zugeschaltet werden. Sie können sowohl die Repetitionsrate wie auch das Ein-/Ausverhältnis programmieren, sodass verschiedene Effekte von langsamem Blitzen bis zu schnellem Blinken und umgekehrt möglich sind. Zudem kann man die Ausgänge dimmen, d.h. Glühlampen mit niedrigerer Betriebsspannung bis etwa 6V direkt anschliessen. Wird die Dimmfunktion nicht benötigt, kann sogar ein Drehlicht mit auf- und absteigender Helligkeit simuliert werden. Eine programmierbare Zeitüberwachung kann bei C und/oder D zugeschaltet werden, damit z.B. angeschlossene Kupplungen nicht überhitzen. 

For the outputs A to D blinking and flashing effects may be added. You may program period and duty cycle, so that slowly flashing or fast blinking or vice versa is possible. Moreover you can dimm the outputs so bulbs down to about 6 volts can be connected directly. If you don't need dimming, you may use the alternate gyro function with increasing and decreasing brightness at an adjustable revolution time. A programmable time control on outputs C and/or D allows protection of decoupling coils against overheating. 

The outputs E and F are logical outputs (CMOS) and may be used for external load switches. Loads controlled by such switches (smoke generators, train illumination) do not contribute to the current of the module rectifier and may be connected to loco chassis on one side without problems. The current of our load switches (ATL2055) may go up to 3 A. 

E and F are used alternatively for sound generation (see "Sound"), but may be used as trigger outputs for external steam generators. Buttons, generally used to control these outputs individually, are controlling whistle and steam or diesel sound in this case. 

Moreover, the engine module offers the following, telecommanded features:
Switching to signal mode, which is a key function of the ATLplus system. This function belongs to the function mapping matrix and may be operated from any button on the controller (see below).
The main switch is used to switch off the loco. Lights and sounds are turned off, the motor cannot start. Only the whistle may be operated. But it is possible at any time to take the loco into operation again. 
The change of top speed selects between the two speed values in CV5 and CV6. This can be used for very precise shuttle operation (shuttle gear) or to provide reduced speed in reverse mode (see below). New: this change to alternate speed switches off the momentum (no mass simulation). 

By the use of 11 CVs the controller buttons F0 to F8 may be associated with any output or function connected to the function matrix. Another input to the matrix is the heading information. Therefore very interesting combinations are possible: Using one of the outputs C or D the locomotive may switch on a gyro light when moving backwards. Or reduce the top speed. Or both of them. More informations you will find in the system manual.

New: Up to now only the high beam function on outputs A and B (front lights) was available (automatic switch from dimmed to full brightness at departure). Now you can define a separate output (C and/or D) to switch on as soon as the engine departs. This is ideal to make a smoke generator work or to illuminate separate high beam bulbs or a blinking light at departure.  The other functions of this output remain available: remote control, blinking, dimming/gyro and time limiting. So you can switch on automatically a gyrolight for about 9 sec. The output reacts already at the signal transition from red to green, so a steam engine may start smoking before departure (set departure delay to max).